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Winona Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling in Winona, MN 

Amazing design. Strong support.

Children’s Game room? Private office secluded to you? Home theatre, to enjoy the entire family? There is a lot that you can do with your basement at home. Why leave it unfinished, or use it merely for storage?

Designing and building services by Winona Property Services can transform any basement in MN. The possibilities are infinite!

As part of our validated design and constructing process our designers and builders work together. If done right, the remodelling of your basement can change your life and add value to your house.

We ‘re enthusiastic about architecture, construction and excellent service provision. It shows up in our completed projects! We are truly a one stop shop at Winona Property Services, MN. We manage all aspects of remodelling your basement including:

  • Preparation
  • Design
  • Operation
  • Execution

Our proven design and development process

Design and construction at Winona is fun and stress-free! Before we start, our team will work together and get rid of the headaches common to the traditional process of basement remodelling. We pride ourselves on solving problems.

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Winona Property Services provides services in Winona, MN and its surrounding areas. Fill out the form to request more information or give us a call to get a free quote. Our team is always here to help you with mind blowing ideas for your next project.

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