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You live cheaper. Most people have a home renovated with the aim of living more cheaply. By installing good insulation in your house that matches the standards of today and by installing a heat pump, you immediately start saving on the costs of heating your house after renovating a home. 

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You can immediately deduct this benefit from the monthly amount of your energy company. So you pay a considerable amount in advance for the Remodeling of your house, but you will earn back those costs fairly quickly. Assume that you will have earned back the costs of the Remodeling within 10 to 15 years.

Your home is worth more. A house that has been renovated will immediately be worth a lot more. Your house is much more energy-friendly than that of other houses in your area of ​​a similar construction year and with a similar living space. Because your house is worth more, you immediately have a way to pay for the Remodeling. 

An expert will calculate how much you will spend on the Remodeling and how high the value of your home will be. You can use the difference in the value of your home for the Remodeling of your home. You can have this equity converted into a second mortgage or the increase of your existing mortgage. In this way you will have good funding for the Remodeling of your home.

A better energy label. A Remodeling gives your home a better energy label. You will have to have an energy consultancy calculate what that new label will be. A better energy label has several advantages for you. The benefits include, for example, a higher sales value of your home. This is stated immediately when your house goes up for sale. A better energy label also converts itself into an extra benefit for you: subsidies.

Subsidy for a Remodeling. If you have a house renovated, you will receive a subsidy from the national government. This means that you can apply for a subsidy through the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment. 

The amount of this subsidy is determined by the degree to which your home received a better energy label. The number of steps you have taken determines the amount of the subsidy. You will also receive a subsidy if you have more than one form of insulation fitted to your home at the same time. You will therefore always be reimbursed by the municipality afterwards for part of the costs of the Remodeling

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The benefits of a Remodeling

What is a Knock down Remodeling? Knock down and rebuild: that’s the essence of a knock down rebuild.

A knock down rebuild is fast becoming a viable way to live exactly where you want without spending a fortune on buying a new expensive home – especially in cities like Sydney, where house prices are already exorbitant. Rather than renovating or expanding, a knock down rebuild involves demolishing an existing home and replacing it with one you have planned to best suit your life.

  • Choosing your builder
  • On-site inspection
  • Designing your new home
  • Board approval
  • Demolition of the old home
  • Constructing your new home.

While it may seem overwhelming, the right knockdown rebuild specialist can help you achieve your knockdown rebuild dreams.