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Remodeling is drastic. It can hardly be compared with new construction, where you can start from scratch. The existing layout and structure of the house to be renovated determine the design, working method, planning and final costs of the Remodeling. But let this be precisely the expertise of Het Constructief, a construction and Remodeling company based on a carefully composed team of specialists. 

Remodeling has many advantages compared to new construction – we list five of them here.

Remodeling Provide

1. You already have the ground

Building land is becoming increasingly scarce, so that land prices per square meter continue to rise. Anyone who opts for new construction has already lost a considerable amount of his budget before there is even a construction plan. In addition, many lots are in the hands of construction promoters, who keep making lots smaller to keep them affordable. Resulting in smaller, packed houses with small gardens and shared driveways.

2. More houses than land for sale

‘House for sale’ or ‘building plot for sale’ … which sign do you see most often along Flemish roads? Indeed, the first. Especially in the city, where you hardly find any building land anymore, but all the more houses for sale. Many of those houses are in dire need of a facelift, say Remodeling. Those who are willing to buy an existing home to renovate it, are also more likely to end up in the street, neighborhood, municipality or region of their preference.

3. Added value

A house of 20, 30, 40 or older that gets a second life … isn’t that nice? Especially when the past (the typical, original style) and the present (new techniques and materials) are seamlessly integrated. The possibilities are endless, giving older houses extra cachet after a Remodeling And the value of the property increases with its appearance.

4. Cost allocation

A Remodeling obviously comes with a price tag. But you can spread the costs more easily than with a new building. Depending on the type of Remodeling, you can work in phases. And in many cases you can continue to live in your house during the Remodeling, which makes the total budget lighter.

5. Subsidies and VAT benefits

They may not be as numerous and interesting as they were a few years ago, but there are still plenty of incentives and subsidies for the renovator. For example, network operators and governments provide benefits with energy-saving interventions. Just think of high-efficiency glazing, external wall insulation, placement of a condensing boiler or roof insulation. The VAT advantage of Remodeling cannot be ignored either: the VAT rate for new construction is 21 percent, and only 6 percent for Remodeling

Advantages of home Remodeling

If you have a house that is a bit older, you probably bought it at the time because it is a house with character. A home older than 1975 probably has a number of drawbacks that are becoming increasingly apparent. In that case, think about the heating costs to keep your house warm. In the long run you will also incur ever-higher costs for things such as the maintenance of your house. In that case, a large-scale Remodeling can be a solution. We looked at the costs of a Remodeling for you. We also looked at things like the pros and cons of Remodeling.