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1. Calculate your budget

Before starting to remodel your house, it will be necessary to integrate a budget, since it is of great help to plan large expenses, such as this one. In it, we recommend that you integrate everything you plan to do so that your expenses are not excessive.

Remodeling Process

2. Determine the space of your house

Another tip for remodeling your house is to determine the space, measuring it. In this way, you will recognize which spaces are larger or smaller, so that if you want to incorporate new furniture, you will know how to recognize which ones could fit.

3. Plan

It is not recommended that you make modifications to your property if you do not clearly know what you will do with it.

For that reason, we suggest you plan it; Talk it over with your family to find out what aspects of their home they don’t feel comfortable with or what they would like to change, also integrate your own opinions and based on that, make a plan.

4. Request a personal loan

Remember that one way to expand your budget to remodel your home is through requesting a personal loan. At Credifiel we have the option of granting you a loan focused on the remodeling of your home.

The loan amounts we offer range from 5,000 to 70,000 pesos and you can have it through an electronic transfer, SPEI or with a referenced payment order. This is how easy and simple you can improve your home.

5. Change switches

Another way to modify the appearance of your home can be to change the switches, have you ever wondered if they are all in good condition and if they work well?

Modifying the appearance of the switches can be a way to give your home another image.

There are a variety of modern switches that work through the use of WiFi and that sync with your mobile device.

6. Paint it

Sure, the painting could not be missing. Changing the paint in the home, whether on its facade or inside, can make a difference. Think of colors that you and your family members like, and think about what combinations can create an elegant color palette to remodel your home .

7. Focus on the most used areas

Perhaps your home does not require an extreme change in its structure, it may be that an alteration of the areas that you use the most is enough to look different. See what you can improve in the living or dining areas; possibly you just need to buy a new sofa.

8. Be careful with the main connections

One of the tips to remodel your house that you can not go, are the connections, such as water, electricity and gas pipes, because they are the most important.

If for any reason you damage them, you may have problems with the provision of services. So better call an expert to support you with these types of facilities.


9. Hire a professional

So that your remodeling does not present any inconvenience, we suggest that you hire an expert to support you. Remember that remodeling a house requires basic knowledge of functionality in the facilities and structure of the property; If you don’t have them, leave it to a professional.

10. Change the lighting

As with point 7, maybe your house just needs a lighting change. There are incandescent bulbs that transform the environment and make it look warmer. Also, think about how some lamps can be used to remodel your house and give it the touch you want.